recorded live

Over the past year we've been making high-quality multitrack recordings at our gigs, and with the support of our fans we've been able to turn this into a live album!
Kingfisher: Recorded Live
If you're interested in a copy, head over to Bandcamp to listen to previews or buy a copy. It's also available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and most other streaming platforms. We also bring CDs to gigs.

  1. Popcorn Behaviour (Jay Ungar, Swinging Door Music)
    Lads of Laois

    Cecilia picked both of these tunes up from jams and Irish session players around Boston.

  2. Apple Blossom
    June Apple

    Apple Blossom is a sweet, cheerful tune that we've paired with the slightly more rowdy June Apple, one of Cecilia's all-time favorite traditional tunes.

  3. Trip to Moscow (Ian Ball)

    This is a fun tune because you can play it so many ways: smooth and calm, marchy and joyful, intense and driving. Here we do some of everything.

  4. Out on the Ocean
    Seanamhac Tube Station (John Carty)

    Out on the Ocean is a classic jig that it seems everyone knows and loves. Seanamhac's moodier atmosphere lends itself well to a little bluesy foolin' around—and we like to sneak in the secret third part :)

  5. Griffin Road (Noah VanNorstrand, Magic Minke Music)

    This tune became a bit of a cult classic at the fiddle camp Cecilia went to as a teenager. Written by one of Cecilia's fiddling heroes, this is a slightly faster take on a very groovy tune.

  6. The Cliffs of Moher
    Rec Hall (Noah VanNorstrand, Magic Minke Music)

    An energetic jig into another bopping Noah tune. On the second tune Jeff plays bass whistle, a synthesizer he designed controlled by whistling.

  7. Kitchen Girl
    Vladimir's Steamboat (Jay Ungar, Swinging Door Music)

    A couple more teenage upstate New York fiddle camp hits that we like to pull out when the caller asks for something "old-timey" or a square dance.

  8. Let the Bottle Circulate

    A traditional Scottish pipe tune that sounds centuries younger than it is. Jeff learned this from Laura Cortese's playing at the Boston Urban Ceilidh.

  9. Salt River

    Not Salt Creek, nor Salt Spring! A slightly lesser known salty old-time tune that Cecilia learned from Bruce Molsky.

  10. Raccoon in the Compost (Amy Englesberg)
    The Hydralisk (Cecilia Vacanti)

    From a very young age Cecilia stood over her dad's shoulder watching him play StarCraft, and during the pandemic twenty years later they started playing the game together. She wrote the Hydralisk for her dad's birthday, named after a StarCraft monster.

  11. Julia's Waltz (Jeff Kaufman)

    Jeff wrote this waltz for his now-wife for their first Valentine's day together.

Recorded live in Amherst MA, Albany NY, Montpelier VT, Northboro MA, Jamaica Plain MA, Rehoboth MA, and Worcester MA. No overdubs!

Cecilia Vacanti: fiddle, effects, cover art
Jeff Kaufman: mandolin, drums, synths, recording, graphic design
Dana Billings: editing, mixing, mastering
Mira Whiting: photography

All tunes traditional unless otherwise noted.