Technical Requirements

We need two monitor mixes, and five input channels: Cecilia has a clip-on microphone for fiddle, and needs an XLR with phantom power.

We'll plan to bring the keyboard unless we've arranged otherwise with you. If you're providing the keyboard we need something with 88 weighted velocity-sensitive keys and MIDI output (either USB MIDI or 5-pin MIDI is fine). For example, we usually use a Yamaha P85.

The drums are the "brain" from an electronic drum kit, controlled with foot triggers. Typically this is set to make kick, snare, and hi-hat sounds.

The computer is controlled by the keyboard, drums, mic, and other MIDI inputs and produces many different sounds including organs, sax, trombone, and bass. These are all mixed down to one XLR, and while they should be well balanced, depending on your specific PA system we may need to adjust levels slightly during sound check, especially if you have a subwoofer.

If any of this doesn't work, please check with us ahead of time. We have extra equipment we can bring as needed.

For questions, write to